Demand For Coworking In Suburban Markets Propels Office Evolution’s Bay Area Expansion

As the pandemic accelerates demand for flexible workspace, Office Evolution debuts fourth Bay Area location.  
  • As the pandemic accelerates demand for flexible workspace, Office Evolution debuts fourth Bay Area location.  
  • The new Concord center will feature 41 private offices and three meeting rooms. 
  • The new flexible workspace location is slated to open in February.  

Concord, CA – As flexible working trends continue dominating the workforce across the country, Office Evolution is opening a new Concord location to strengthen its presence and meet growing demand in the Bay Area. The brand is the largest and fastest-growing coworking franchisor in the U.S. and local owners Rhett Bratt and Dawn Lopshire are excited to open in February. 

This is the second of three Office Evolution locations the couple has agreed to open. Their nearby Walnut Creek office space opened in April 2019, and while the coworking space had already been booming, the pandemic only propelled the need for a flexible and conveniently located workspace for professionals in the Bay Area. 

Located in the north end of Diablo Valley at 2075 Diamond Blvd, Suite H-210, the Concord center will feature 41 private offices and three meeting rooms. In addition to Bratt and Lopshire’s Walnut Creek location, Office Evolution also has business centers in Folsom, Los Gatos and Mill Valley. 

“The pandemic is accelerating the need for flexible working – it has shown us that people can work remotely and productively when away from a traditional office. Businesses in the Bay Area like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are adopting policies that give workers more freedom to choose how and where they work, and many companies will continue to follow their lead,” said Bratt. 

According to a survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, over 25% of leaders were looking at adopting permanent remote work setups for part of their workforce due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As businesses of all sizes continue to implement new remote work setups, the demand for flexible workspace close to where employees live will continue to rise. 

“The Bay Area leads the nation when it comes to small technology startups, freelance jobs and solopreneurs,” said Office Evolution CEO and founder, Mark Hemmeter. “Flexible space providers have long been a beneficial resource for these types of businesses who want to be surrounded by their peers while saving on their overhead expenses and commute times. Businesses are moving away from traditional workspace in city centers are looking at flexible options in suburban markets where people live. Rhett and Dawn are paving the way where dreamers, risk-takers and doers can thrive.” 

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Office Evolution’s national network of locally operated locations has provided remote workers and business owners with access to safe and flexible workspace where they can innovate, collaborate and network to enhance business performance. The brand’s nationwide presence has grown significantly during the pandemic, as businesses of all sizes shift their focus towards flexible workspace to avoid getting tied up in expensive leases for traditional office space. This transition from traditional workspace to more flexible options in suburban markets has positioned Office Evolution perfectly for growth.  

“The way we work is rapidly changing, and our new location in Concord is opening at the perfect time to help local professionals adapt to the future of the workplace,” added Bratt. 

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About Office Evolution 

Founded in 2003 and franchising since 2012, the Colorado-based company is the largest provider of locally owned and operated flexible workspaces in the United States. Office Evolution has more than 70 locations open, 140 units sold in markets across the country and is poised for further growth as the demand for affordable and safe, workspace close-to-home continues to rise. On any given day Office Evolution provides inspiration to a network of Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers across the nation. Office Evolution continues to lead the workplace transformation that is projected to see nearly 30 percent of all office space become shared office space by 2030, according to a JLL report. Office Evolution is currently operating in 25 states across the nation. For more information about Office Evolution, please visit 

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