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How Companies Can Prepare for the Return to the Office

With the vaccine rollout already underway, many companies are starting to think about how they will bring back workers to the office. While some employees are eager to return, others are not so excited and would rather stay at home. 

To make the return to the office a positive experience for all, here are some guidelines that can help companies plan for a COVID-free workplace. 

Have clear plans 

Bringing back people to the office cannot be a spontaneous affair, like sending them home to work was when the pandemic hit. Rather, companies need to have a strong plan in place to make the transition back into the office as seamless as possible for all departments. 

Your plan should include issues like: who will return to the office when (will you provide staggered shifts or bring back people by area) and protocols that will be in place (use of face coverings, temperature checks, etc.)

Have a Contingency Plan Ready should You Need to re-Exit

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People have already been called back to the office, only to be sent home again. Even with the vaccine, it is possible for cases to rise again. Your company should be prepared for the worst-case scenario and have the necessary tools and resources in place to continue to support workers both remotely and in the office. 

Prepare for Flexible Work Environments

Flexibility is part of the new normal. As you prepare your organization to return to the workplace, you need to make sure that your workplace environment will be able to support new work models (online and offline). 


The most important element of any return to the office plan is clear and effective communication. It’s critical that all stakeholders have clear expectations about what the return to the office will be like. This means sharing all relevant information and making sure that all employees have access to tools and resources that will come in handy.

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Cecilia Amador de San José

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