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The Importance Of Investing Into The Employee Experience

Although some businesses have been heavily investing into utilities, technology and real estate, it’s equally important to invest into the employee experience.

Research has indicated that focusing on the needs of employees can make the biggest difference in how well a company operates.

Creating a work environment that clearly puts the workers first means increased productivity, retention rates and overall job satisfaction.

Asking what employees need out of their workplace will allow business leaders to make improvements to workplace operations, while letting workers know their opinion matters.

“Re-entering the workplace isn’t a one-and-done conversation, you have to build a partnership with your people,” said Denise Dexter, chief operating officer of the Carolinas market. “Human resources, operations, and business lines will have to collaborate and adapt together to help best support employee needs from all angles.”

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    So which strategies can HR and business leaders execute to make sure that employees feel safe and excited to return to the office?

    For starters, ensuring that workers are safe when they re-enter the office will be crucial. This means enforcing protocols like distancing and mask-wearing, as well as accommodating those who may be high-risk.

    Having a concrete plan to report and track potential infections that are in compliance with HIPAA rules will also be necessary.

    Including new practices for in-person workers will also be vital to the safety of everyone. This means including signage to remind employees to keep distanced, boosting sanitation and physically keeping work stations apart.

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