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The Office Is Here To Stay

While many people have written off the office as being a necessary part of the future of work, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It’s true that the global workforce has readily adopted virtual tools like Zoom and Slack to stay productive throughout the pandemic. 

However, these changes don’t eliminate the need for the office. Believing so dismisses an inherent need humans have: connection.

Remote working has proven to carry numerous benefits, such as increased productivity, a better work-life balance and no commute. Still, the employee experience and lack of socialization has hindered the longevity of this arrangement.

That’s why leaders have modified their commitment to the employee experience by trying to celebrate humanity in the distributed workplace. 

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By rewarding and acknowledging an employee’s accomplishments and encouraging them to care for their wellbeing, the workplace can once again become a place of community.

In the meantime, the office will still be around, especially as part of the growing popularity of hybrid arrangements. 

Instead of serving as a hub for all workers every day of the work week, it will be reconfigured to support collaborative meetings and brainstorming sessions.

With a hybrid approach, the workplace can still enjoy the benefits and perks of a remote position, while still making meaningful connections with their colleagues a few days each week.

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