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Why Companies Need To Combat Zoom Fatigue

The phenomenon that is Zoom fatigue has swept through the workforce over the past year. As companies transition to operating with a distributed team, some leaders feel the need to schedule multiple meetings throughout the week to keep a sharp eye on how employees are conducting themselves at home.

However, these unnecessary meetings take away time that could be put towards being productive. In fact, a survey found that 65% of workers stated that meetings are keeping them from completing their own work.

While the overuse of meetings seems to be an attempt of opening up communication channels and giving business leaders more oversight into daily operations, they have quickly become an inconvenience.

So how can businesses curb micromanagement and better empower employees?

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    Collecting data is one way to collect unbiased information about how employees are working, feeling and how projects are progressing.

    Meetings often do not accurately portray the work that is being accomplished and focuses on the quantitative rather than qualitative.

    Using analytics platforms like ActivTrak or Timely can help employers integrate varying corners of the workplace, from project management tools to real-time employee performance feedback, and allow leaders to view progress being made without interrupting the workflow of employees.

    Not only does this allow employees to actually focus on their projects, but eliminating micromanaging tendencies proves that they are trusted by their employers. Trust in the workplace means higher levels of satisfaction and productivity.

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