5 Ways To Maximise The Value Of Your Flexible Workspace Internet Bandwidth

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As flex space operators seek to rebuild their businesses, technologywithin explains how maximising internet bandwidth value is a simple win.
  • As flex space operators seek to rebuild their businesses, maximising internet bandwidth value is a simple win. 
  • Coworking members and enterprise clients alike need strong, reliable connectivity to run and grow their businesses. 
  • From Internet top-ups to dedicated bandwidth allocation, technologywithin offers five simple ways to make the most of your workplace Internet bandwidth. 

This article was contributed by technologywithin, a supplier of connectivity and management software solutions for the flexible space industry. 

Operators need to utilise every part of their toolkit right now to attract new members, enhance the workplace experience, and build their businesses back to pre-pandemic levels. 

Maximising the value of your internet bandwidth is a simple win. 

Managed internet connectivity is more than a utility because it allows workspace operators to slice up the bandwidth in a way that suits both your space and your occupants, making it a flexible part of your offering.  

Here are five simple ways to make the most of your internet bandwidth: 

1. Grow client leads by including internet bandwidth in the office proposition. 

Some operators are now bundling a dedicated bandwidth allocation per desk to attract new clients (and avoid desk price discounts). It adds value to your proposition and will help attract premium clients. 

2. Improve customer satisfaction with a free internet top-up. 

Most buildings now have a minimum of a 1Gb connection but there is often a portion left unused. So if offering 20mb dedicated for 3 months will assuage a client who is unhappy about their parking allocation — or something else you can’t control — then it’s a free way to bring that client relationship back on track. 

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    3. Improve client retention by linking an upgrade with renewals. 

    Trying to re-sign existing clients to new licences when they have barely seen the inside of their office over the past 12 months is a 2021 challenge. Offering attractive rates for dedicated or premium shared internet services could be a useful bargaining tool, especially if they have been battling with home broadband performance. 

    4. Generate revenues with dedicated internet bandwidth. 

    Whilst most operators include shared internet as standard, more and more companies rely upon on high performance connectivity to run their businesses. So, a managed dedicated service, with back-up lines could provide the high quality, resilient service they need and generate the new revenue stream that your business is searching for. 

    5. Utilise premium shared internet offerings as an affordable option for small businesses. 

    If the standard shared internet performance isn’t good enough for some clients but the price of dedicated internet bandwidth is unaffordable, they are likely to become frustrated. Introducing a premium shared bandwidth allows you to create a new revenue stream but – more importantly – keep those small and growing clients happy. 

    At a time when costs are being tightly managed across all operators, being innovative with what you have to create a more attractive proposition makes sense. 

    Based in the UK, technologywithin is a leading supplier of connectivity and management software solutions for coworking spacesflexible workspaces, and commercial real estate companies. 

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