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Hybrid Working Will Require Major Workplace Updates

A new study from market research technology firm Toluna has revealed how employees view virtual work. The results indicated that much of the workforce was ready to return to the office, but changes to the workplace would need to occur first.

Most employees said they would return to the office if vaccines and regular testing were required, physical distancing was implemented and hybrid arrangements were offered.

Although the beginning of the pandemic and remote working was actually embraced by some, many employees began to miss what telecommuting couldn’t replicate.

In-person collaboration, the office atmosphere, impromptu conversations with colleagues and more were just some of the aspects of the workplace workers expressed that they missed.

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    While many of these workers want an office to work in, 46% said they want to come back part-time and only 27% said they want to return full-time.

    Even more, 90% believe that the future of the workplace will be a hybrid approach that combines both in-person and remote working environments.

    However, this transition will require companies to make changes in order to help employees feel safe and supported wherever they are working from.

    “Invest in state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and digital communication tools that enable maximum interaction for your teams,” said Yogesh Gupta, CEO of global software firm Progress. “Continually reinvest as those tools continue to evolve. The dividends of that effort extend from employee productivity to staying connected with the entire business ecosystem.”

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