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Are Fully Remote Arrangements The Best Options?

Offices are reopening. This comes as no surprise, but discussions about how to approach work arrangements in the future continue to fervently buzz.

While some companies are ready to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, others are fully embracing the shift to remote work and letting staff continue operating with this policy.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this dilemma, before deep diving into the remote-only pool, it’s important for startup founders and CEOs to observe whether this is the best long-term business decision.

So where should they start? For one, founders should ask themselves how many offices they will have and how many employees they expect to come into the office at least one day each week.

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    Say there are 80% of employees coming into the office one day a week. What does that mean for the other 20%? Why are they able to work fully remote? Is it due to their job title or personal circumstances?

    Also consider how often fully remote team members will be provided the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters or other office sites.

    Understanding what remote working means to your company will be crucial in this next step. If it is the best course of action for your startup, then find policies and practices that ensure in-person and remote employees get equal opportunities and recognition. 

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