OfficeRnD Expands In APAC To Support Local Flex Space Market

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OfficeRnD, a software provider for flexible workspaces, has expanded its team and opened a new office in Melbourne, Australia.
  • OfficeRnD, a software provider for flexible workspaces, has expanded its team and opened a new office in Melbourne, Australia. 
  • The company plans to grow the team in the APAC region to better serve local customers. 
  • It has also reached a milestone in its longstanding partnership with Hub Australia, which further validates OfficeRnD’s continuous success with scaling enterprise customers. 

OfficeRnD has announced its first office in Melbourne, Australia and a new milestone in the company’s long-lasting partnership with Hub Australia

The software provider has been rapidly scaling over the past few years with new offices and growing teams in the US, UK and Europe. The recently opened office in the APAC is yet another step supporting the expansion of the company’s global footprint.  

A team of Account Executives and Customer Success Managers is currently based in Melbourne to empower the growth of the flex space market in the region.  

OfficeRnD plans to grow the team in the APAC region to better serve local customers. 

Another milestone for the company is the continuous partnership with Hub Australia, one of the leading flex space providers in the region.  

Hub Australia has been working in partnership with OfficeRnD since 2017. The workspace provider has ambitious plans for expanding their national footprint, with a national network of 9 premium workspaces that is set to grow significantly in coming years. 

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    They have also recently partnered with suburban provider WOTSO to provide members access to more than 25 flexible workspaces across the country as part of an industry-first trial.  

    Hub Australia wanted to ensure that they are partnering with a management software solution that can support their ambition and vision. Part of this process required a thorough evaluation of their current tech stack. By providing help, diligence, and responsiveness, OfficeRnD fulfilled their expectations and has been confirmed as the management platform for powering the growing network of Hub Australia spaces. 

    It’s a huge milestone for the company and yet another validation for OfficeRnD’s continuous success with scaling enterprise customers. 

    “The continued growth of the APAC region is crucial to our growth as a company. Our successful partnership with Hub Australia and the support of their expansion plans solidifies our presence in the region and illustrates our commitment to the success of our clients. We will continue to invest in resources in the region to support the initiatives of our clients and the industry in general.” 

    Emery Sinclair, VP of Customer Success at OfficeRnD.

    About OfficeRnD 

    OfficeRnD is a management platform for flex space operators, landlords and hybrid workplaces. It helps them automate operations, make data-driven decisions, and delight customers with a modern, tech-enabled experience through white-label web and mobile apps. The platform integrates with a number of other essential apps and tools – accounting, payments, door access, WiFi, printing, CRM, and more – to provide a fully automated and connected experience. 

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