GSA Officially Embraces Work From Anywhere With New Flexible Coworking Services Contract

On August 18th, 2021 the GSA announced that it had awarded a contract to EXPANSIVE, Deskpass, The Yard, WeWork, and LiquidSpace.
  • The GSA has awarded five flexible workspaces companies with a contract to provide Flexible Coworking Services (FCS) to government employees. 
  • GSA is the largest tenant in the world; the FCS contract is a clear indicator that the future of work is hybrid and more flexible.  
  • The flexible workspace companies awarded the contract are EXPANSIVE, The Yard, Deskpass, WeWork, and LiquidSpace.  

On Wednesday, August 18th, The U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) announced that it had awarded five flexible workspaces companies with a contract to provide Flexible Coworking Services (FCS) to government employees. The news has huge implications for the future of work and the hybrid workplace.  

The GSA is the federal agency responsible for providing a workplace to government employees by leasing and managing CRE. The GSA boasts a 700 million square feet office portfolio that serves over two million employees across the U.S.  

Back in January of 2020, as part of its Total Workplace Program the GSA issued a solicitation for Flexible Coworking Services to better support government workers. According to the solicitation: 

“Working beyond the confines of traditional government offices has become more common. Government employees are now commonly equipped with technological tools to work from anywhere. The freedom provided by technological advancements allows agencies to efficiently and flexibly pursue mission success through the utilization of employee mobility and telework. This shift in capability has resulted in greater flexibility and mission response across the Federal Government. GSA is seeking nationwide Flexible Coworking Services (FCS) solutions that provide federal employees with flexible workspace solutions in order to occupy only the space needed in order to meet their missions and promote a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.” 

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    On August 18th, 2021 the GSA announced that it had awarded a contract to EXPANSIVE, Deskpass, The Yard, WeWork, and LiquidSpace.   

    Bill Bennett, CEO at EXPANSIVE, wrote on LinkedIn that the overall GSA contract value is $50 million and has a 50% allocation to the participants under the small business designation. The contract is for a one-year period, plus four additional one-year periods. 

    The FCS contract is a clear indicator that the future of work is hybrid and more flexible. More importantly, it’s huge news for the flexible workspace industry, especially small operators that could potentially have access to the largest tenant in the world if the GSA decides to award more contracts.  

    Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace, wrote on LinkedIn that: 

    There is all too much to grieve as this global pandemic drags on. However, I continue to see silver linings as companies and employees both reconsider the meaning of work and workplace and embrace the principles of flexibility and choice.  

    It’s exciting to see the Federal Government, which owns/leases the largest office portfolio on the planet, join the growing ranks of enterprises who have stepped boldly into this hybrid workplace future.  

    The implications are profound. Happier employees, more organizational productivity, dramatic cost savings, and, perhaps most importantly, meaningful carbon reductions.

    Allwork.Space joins the flexible workspace industry in celebrating this huge accomplishment and congratulates the awarded companies on their success.

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