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How Coworking Spaces Are Accommodating Working Parents

London coworking spaces are in high-demand at the moment, with more professionals shifting to remote and hybrid working than ever before.

However, this growing demand for coworking spaces comes with the need for modern amenities, particularly childcare services.

But this is a tightrope to walk, as coworking spaces run on tight profit margins. With a significant portion of coworking members being young parents who desire flexibility, operators need to find a way to cater to this audience.

According to The Money Advice Service, the average cost of taking a child under two to a nursery in London is £164.50 for part-time and £305.92 for full-time.

One coworking space that is accommodating this need is Huckletree West in London, which successfully provides members access to child-friendly workspaces. 

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    The company has partnered with different parent-focused communities that make it easier for members to connect with fellow working parents. Additionally, Huckletree West offers a ‘Power Parents’ membership which allows members to have access to Kids Studio, a workspace with a play and private nursing space.

    “The Kids Studio is an invaluable added extra at Huckletree West,” said Lydia Barron, cofounder of baby supplies company Tiba + Marl. “Our kids are a bit older and at school, but with that comes lots of school holidays – so it’s great that there is a dedicated space, within our work environment, where our kids can happily wile away a couple of hours, playing, drawing, reading etc. when we need to crack-on with a bit of work!”

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