The Best Sites To Find Your Dream Remote Job

The Best Sites To Find Your Dream Remote Job
The top 5 sites to find a remote job—whether you’re searching for a part-time, full-time, or freelance role.
  • Almost half of companies are more open to hiring remote workers now than 18 months ago. 
  • However, it can be hard for jobseekers to find the right remote opportunity. 
  • This article outlines the top 5 sites to find a remote job—whether you’re searching for a part-time, full-time, or freelance role. 

Remote work is here to stay (thanks COVID-19). 2020 taught employees and employers alike that remote work works, simple as that. 

Despite the pandemic, the shift to remote work did not impact productivity levels; in fact, in some cases, workers reported being more productive while working remotely. Unsurprisingly, recent surveys have found that employees do not want to return to the office full-time, with some saying that they would take a pay cut of up to 20% if they can keep working remotely. 

As a result, almost half of companies are more open to hiring remote workers now than 18 months ago. 

If you’re among the population of workers that wants to keep working remotely long-term and are eager to find a company that is embracing the shift to remote work, this article is for you.  

While a significant percentage of companies are increasingly hiring remote workers, it can be hard for people to find the right remote opportunity. Luckily, there are various sites out there that cater specifically to workers hoping to find flexible work arrangements, making it easier for workers to search for and apply to a remote position.  

Below we outline the top 5 sites to find a remote job—whether you’re searching for something part-time, full-time, or as a freelancer.  

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The Best Sites To Find Your Dream Remote Job (in no particular order) 

1. FlexJobs 

FlexJobs was founded back in 2007, long-before remote work was mainstream. The site prides itself on being among the leading resources for job seekers searching for legitimate, professional remote and flexible opportunities. FlexJobs does this by screening and vetting companies and the positions they offer before publishing them on their site.  

Beyond that, FlexJobs offers its members access to tools and resources, like Career Coaching, Resume Review, skill tests, and educational guides, to support them through their job search process. The site includes listings for over 50 career fields for all levels of experience—from entry-level to executive. 

Unlike most career sites, FlexJobs is not free. FlexJobs offers 4 subscription options: one week, one month, three months, and one year. Subscription includes access to: 

  • Job listings 
  • Profile set-up 
  • Skills testing 
  • Email alerts for new jobs 
  • Job search tips.  

While the above are certainly valuable perks, the real reason why workers pay for FlexJobs is because the site guarantees that all job postings are scam-free and truly flexible opportunities. This means that job searchers save on valuable time that they would otherwise spend scanning through job-listings to ensure they’re truly remote.  

You can learn more about FlexJobs or sign up here.  

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    2. Fiverr 

    Fiverr is a freelance marketplace. The site connects freelancers with clients (businesses or individuals) across 400+ categories, from writing and graphic design, to programming and video animation. Signing up is free, however Fiverr takes 20% of the purchase amount on every order from sellers; this means that you will only receive 80% of the total value of your service.  

    When the platform was originally launched, gig prices were capped at $5—which explains the name of the site. The good news is that the $5 limit was removed back in 2014, and sellers can now set their own prices.  

    So, how does it work? Think of Fiverr as a middleman that connects you with businesses and guarantees that you will be able to collect payment when the gig is done. This is one of the main benefits of platforms like Fiverr, there’s no need to worry that your client won’t pay up, as payment is processed in advance by Fiverr.  

    The more gigs you complete, the more likely you are to get hired by other buyers; buyers are asked to rate your service and that rating appears on your profile.  

    You can sign up and create a seller profile on Fiverr here.  

    3. is a sister organization of FlexJobs; both companies were founded by Sara Sutton. While is primarily a resource for companies hoping to grow their remote teams, the site also offers a board of remote jobs.  

    Job seekers can search by company, keyword, or category; all job listed are hand curated, which helps ensure that opportunities are truly remote. The site tags “international” jobs, which can be done from anywhere in the world and have no geographic location requirements. Entry level, part-time, and freelance openings are also tagged accordingly; as are “high-paying” opportunities.  

    4. Virtual Vocations 

    Virtual Vocations is probably the largest online database of remote work jobs in the US. Like and FlexJobs, jobs posted on Virtual Vocations are hand-screened by the team.  

    Like FlexJobs, Virtual Vocations is a paid service—although the do offer a free version. In their words, when you become a paid subscriber, “you are paying for a safe, fast, and easy way to find, track, and apply to new remote job leads.” 

    Workers can search for jobs by category, remote level (fully remote or partially remote), by state, time zone, employment status, and career level. Jobs listed on the site are less than 30 days old.  

    5. We Work Remotely 

    We Work Remotely prides itself in being the largest remote work community in the world. The site charges companies $299 for a single job listing; it is free for users.  

    In addition to listing remote job opportunities, We Work Remotely offers a learning portal for remote workers. The portal offers access to a global Slack community, remote-focused events, member deals, resume and cover letter templates and exercises, job interview preparation questions, and real time job alerts.  

    The site provides a variety of work from anywhere positions, as well as positions with specific geographic requirements. 

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