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UK Startups Taps Into The ‘Work Near Home’ Movement

Working from home is chock full of benefits, but its downsides have also come to the forefront as remote workers feel the fatigue of working each day from their home office, or even bedroom.

Still, people do not want to return to lengthy commutes that leaves them inching through traffic for hours each day. Because of this, working near home has become more ideal for remote workers who miss the camaraderie of the office.

UK startup Patch is helping usher in this new workplace trend by taking empty high street storefronts and transforming them into collaborative, decentralized offices.

Patch has raised $1.1 million in funding and will operate its ‘Work Near Home’ concept through a monthly subscription that helps support the new hybrid work movement that has taken over many workplace strategies.

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    Patch locations will feature private offices, coworking spaces, low-cost options, and free scholarship places.

    Its first facility is expected to open in early November in Chelmsford, Essex, with plans to open more throughout 2022.

    “Where we work and where we live have traditionally be seen as distinct environments. This has led to the hollowing out of many high streets during the working week, and equally redundant office districts,” said Freddie Fforde, founder of Patch. “We think that technology fundamentally changes this, allowing people to work near home and creating a new mixed environment of professional, civic, and cultural exchange.”

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