Websites Not Mobile-Optimized Are Losing Out

Mobile optimized websites
Mobile optimized websites

What do mobile users see when they access your business center or co-working spaces website? Is it a full webpage full of fine print? If you’re not sure, take out your smart phone and access your own site. If you need a magnifying glass to see the print, it’s not optimized for mobile. Mobile users are really starting to get fed up with websites that require manual expansion to navigate. Worse yet, non-mobile optimized sites are reflecting badly on their companies — all this according to surveys quoted by in a recent article “Trends for 2013: Making Mobile-first a Priority”.

But if that’s still not compelling to you, consider that 10.3% of all global searches are made from mobile devices; in the U.S. it’s 28.5%! And mobile use is growing at a rate 14 times that of traditional laptop access. So someone may be using their mobile right now, looking for business center office space. How easily can they tap the “more info” button on your site?

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    The good news is that you don’t need a rocket scientist to create a mobile site. Your own webmaster can probably do this or recommend someone. Even Google has a 3 step mobile website converter. But before you take your valuable asset and “free-Google-app it”, consider that a good mobile site is much more than just being easy on the eyes. Mobile users have different navigation habits and expectations. They engage with mobile sites differently. You’ll want to take the time to understand how to optimize your mobile site for a different style of user. Those business centers which take mobile seriously will ultimately come out on top. Are you one?

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