INFOGRAPHIC: How Productivity (and Retention) Soars in a Positive Business Centre Environment

Business centre culture infographic
Business centre culture infographic

It’s no surprise that a positive work environment generally yields higher levels of productivity. But often, business owners strive for productivity first, office culture second. This infographic by iOffice suggests that we can achieve the same results – or better – by reversing that approach, and targeting culture first.

Given the enormous emphasis on employee engagement and the power that’s shifting slowly but surely onto the workforce, this infographic highlights just how much potential that approach has in today’s business environment.

Business centre operators and managers should consider this as part of their wider leadership approach. As Brian MacMahon pointed out last week, research shows time and again that success is less about targets and pressure, and more about the way in which people are treated:

“Achievement is a byproduct of treating good people very well, and building a strong foundation with those who are the future of these successful companies,” he said.

This infographic offers useful pointers for centre operators managing their own team, but also for your clients. How can you help to create a positive, interactive environment in your centre that’s stimulating and welcoming? And more importantly, how can you help your clients to pass on that culture to their own workforce? If their entire team is happy and productive in your centre, they’re less likely to leave.

When reading this infographic, try changing “office” to “business centre” – it’s entirely relevant and offers some useful information, backed up by some quite surprising stats, to compel operators and business owners to switch the impetus to creating a happy and positive office culture. Read, enjoy, and as ever, be sure to let us know what you think.

Thanks to iOffice for this infographic:

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