Why Did You Create THAT Video For Your Business Center?

Business centre videos
Business centre videos

Business centers and coworking spaces continue to take very diverse paths when it comes to showing off their offices.

More and more we are seeing business center and coworking space videos that are strategically crafted to attract very specific niche target clients. Here are our latest featured videos. Do they work? We’ve included our comments; we welcome yours.

Can a video succeed that never shows a desk, a chair or a window? Perhaps only when it’s Hub Metepec in Mexico. Hub uses no images of the actual coworking spaces but rather a unique graphic presentation; fast moving and fun. But does it ever make sense to not show your center?

When you have an aesthetically beautiful center with chic décor and ambience, it should play a central role in your video. The Hive in Hong Kong makes great use of ambient light to show off a clean structure with a lot of natural woods and wall treatments. We say “well done”.

Urban Station in Buenos Aires uses The HopkinsonReport reviewer to show off their space. But is there too much Hopkinson sitting in a hotel room talking about Urban Station and not enough Urban Station itself? Maybe so, but nothing beats an actual independent review of your center.

HubBud in Bali is all about location and shows it off well in this video. Almost “tree house” in its look and feel, the coworking space might have done well to feature even more of its physically beautiful atmosphere and less of the talking heads. You can decide:

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We thank the many suggestions coming our way for videos to feature. Let us know when you come across a particularly innovative space and video.

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