INFOGRAPHIC: Older Millennials Turn 37 Next Year: Whose Business Center Will They Choose?

When we think of millennials, many of us tend to conjure up images of twenty-somethings passing their smart phones back and forth, taking ‘selfies’ and hanging out at the beach. Or wherever twenty-somethings hang out.

Reality check: millennials at the top end of the demographic will be turning 37 next year.

The question is; are you ready to serve this “selfie” generation of me-centric individuals who value happiness and passion over justice and integrity (the staple values of the baby boomer generation, by the way)?

Coworking space owners and operators are naturals at courting millennials; after all many of them are millennials themselves.

But this impressively large and influential demographic consists of business owners, entrepreneurs and independent contractors who need, or will soon be needing, a solid office presence and will be looking at the business centers as a possible option.

Are you ready?

This year a report, “Inside the Millennial Mind” published by CEB Iconoculture, included an interesting infographic that illustrates the rather startling contrast between millennial motivations and drivers, and those of older generations.

The question of course is what business center owners and operators are doing to tap this new powerhouse generation as it arises to prominence and embraces alternative work styles.

Whose business center will find new and creative ways to attract and keep their business? Below is the infographic. It’s time to take their views, opinions and preferences seriously. If you do your job right, they will soon be walking through your doors.

Millennial Infographic

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