The 20 Hottest Coworking Spaces: Is Yours on the List?

BLANKSPACES coworking just posted a list of 20 Hot coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and, since it’s receiving a lot of airplay on social media channels, we decided to pass the list on to business center and coworking space operators.

Here’s the list, and we’ve included a link to the full article. Lots of great photos, and extra commentary that you will find interesting.

As for why and how these particular workspaces were selected, you’ll have your own opinions. But we’ve covered a few of them in the pages of OT and most are not only visually appealing, but have unique approaches, serving niche industries and/or catering to individual work styles. What they are not is ‘cookie cutter’.

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Something to think about as you look around your own business center.

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