The 20 Hottest Coworking Spaces: Is Yours on the List?

BLANKSPACES coworking just posted a list of 20 Hot coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and, since it’s receiving a lot of airplay on social media channels, we decided to pass the list on to business center and coworking space operators.

Here’s the list, and we’ve included a link to the full article. Lots of great photos, and extra commentary that you will find interesting.

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As for why and how these particular workspaces were selected, you’ll have your own opinions. But we’ve covered a few of them in the pages of OT and most are not only visually appealing, but have unique approaches, serving niche industries and/or catering to individual work styles. What they are not is ‘cookie cutter’.

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Something to think about as you look around your own business center.