How to Know if You’re Underdoing It on Social Media

Social media
Social media

You might worry that you’re not active enough on social media.

Business centre and coworking space operators have more than enough to do without remembering to post regularly on social media channels, or to maintain that all-important social media engagement.

But how little is too little, or too much?

Thankfully, social media gurus Sum All and Buffer have done the number-crunching for you, and it makes interesting reading. In the below infographic, you may be surprised to learn:

  • It only takes 3 tweets per day to hit the ideal average frequency rate. After that, stats show that engagement with followers slightly decreases.
  • Just 2 Facebook posts per day is enough, before those crucial ‘likes’ and comments begin to drop off.
  • Posting once on LinkedIn between Monday and Friday puts you in touch with 60% of your audience.
  • As for the blog, 2 posts per week is enough to double your leads, compared to posting just once per week.

Surprised? We were, too. In a world obsessed with trending news, ‘likes’, comments and sharing, these figures seem remarkably low.

Of course, don’t forget that this is a broad sweeping study that’s not limited to the flexible workspace arena. The data covers a broad spectrum and should not be considered concrete. Think of it more as a guideline.

That said, one of the golden rules of social media is consistency. So for time-pressed workspace operators, the key takeaways we can gather from this research are to post little and often, and to aim for quality over quantity.

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Get those two under control, and you should start to notice a steady improvement in your social media engagement.

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Sum All, Buffer: How Often You Should Post to Social Media


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