INFOGRAPHIC: Shifting CFO Mindsets Regarding Remote Working: Is This Good News for Business Centers?

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Remote working, regardless of whether from home or at a local business center or coworking space, is gaining popularity, even at larger corporations.

A recent Accountemps survey indicates that 35% of CFOs stated that the number of remote working opportunities available in their companies has increased over the last 3 years.

Moreover 68% of CFOs at larger companies (over 1,000 employees) see opportunities for remote working within their organizations on the rise.

Has remote working become so popular that even button-down CFOs are starting to come on board?

According to Bill Driscoll, Accountemps district president, “Employee preferences for ‘anytime, anywhere’ work arrangements are hard to ignore.”

He goes on to note, “Although telecommuting isn’t suitable for every role, it can be a powerful incentive for employees who want greater flexibility. It offers other advantages to businesses, such as greater productivity, cost savings on office space, the ability to tap into talent in different geographical areas and time zones, and more around-the-clock client service.”

Indeed, the promise of greater productivity is a strong driver for embracing employee preference to work remotely; especially among those responsible for the bottom line.

And these shifting attitudes are good news for business centers and coworking space owners and operators. Studies have shown that larger corporations prefer their remote employees to work in an office atmosphere rather than deal with the distractions of working at home. That’s further evidence that the coworking/business center industry remains dynamic and growing for those who can capture and capitalize on these work/life trends.

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We’ve reprinted the infographic here from the Accountemps study, which shows a clear indication that remote working is not only on the rise, but is gaining acceptance among even C-suite traditionalists.

Many thanks to Accountemps for the below infographic and to Life of Pix for the featured image (top right).

Accountemps infographic on remote working