The Bionic Office Worker (and family) Is Here

Those of you Gen Xers and Baby Boomers may remember the popular 1970s show ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ and, following on its heels, ‘The Bionic Woman’.

We’ve come a long way since these fictional characters sprang forth from our TV screens.

The fact is, wearable technology has arrived and is rapidly making those old fuzzy images of the TV icons leaping 50 feet and running 60 miles per hour closer to reality than ever before.

What does wearable technology have to do with office space?

Well, if you consider a business center or coworking space a ‘docking station’ for so much of our current technology; laptops, iPhones, and tablets, you can begin to imagine a central hub where business people could re-charge, download or sync data emanating from their armbands, shoes, or even the sleeve of a sweater.

Vertical-Leap, along with PHA Media’s Technology and Innovation team has put together a series of infographics, depicting what everyone from an office worker to a baby will ‘look like’ using wearable technology.

We’ve reprinted the office worker chart below.

The question for business center owners and operators is; are you ready for bionic workers to walk (or glide) through your doors?

If so, how do you plan to support their needs?

Infographic - Vertical-Leap and PHA Media’s Technology and Innovation

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