Businesses “feeling the pressure” to Perform on Social Media

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Like it or not, social media as a marketing tool is here to stay. Yet surprisingly, not every business centre or flexible workspace has made the leap onto the social bandwagon.

If you’re still considering whether or not it’s worth harnessing social media to market your flexible workspace facility, there are plenty of compelling reasons to do so. Sprout Social, a social media management platform for businesses, revealed some interesting stats about the proliferation of social media in business:

  • Marketers spent over $8.3 billion on social media advertising in 2015
  • 63% of millennials stay updated on brands through social networks
  • 89% of 18-29 year-olds are active on social media
  • 78% of companies now say they have dedicated social media teams

“These stats show that social media marketing has become a necessity just like paid ads, flyers and other ‘traditional’ marketing efforts,” says Sprout Social’s Dominique Jackson. “Social media has crossed over from being a tool that only forward-thinking companies should use. In order to compete today, businesses can’t afford not to be active on social media.”

However, not every business has the resources to manage a successful social media presence, and many business owners see it as a challenge that’s not worth their time.

An insightful study by Powwownow that surveyed business owners and employees in Senior Management roles made it apparent that many businesses are feeling the pressure to make their presence known on social media.

Key findings show that the majority (64.4%) feel Facebook will present the biggest challenge in 2016, with just over half of respondents (50.7%) raising concerns over Twitter.

Respondent Patrick Walsh, MD of publishing marketing agency, explained his concerns:

“Twitter feels too crowded and Facebook requires a lot of time and investment to grow an engaging audience. I think one of the biggest business challenges in 2016 will be growing our online presence and ensuring the business not only complies with search regulations, but can stand out in a crowded market.”

Indeed, as effective as it can be for businesses, making the leap into social media marketing isn’t a one-time decision.

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 To make the most of social media marketing, business owners need to dedicate a little time every day to nurture and grow their online presence. So important is this process that Frank Cottle, Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network, included it in his whitepaper as one of 8 ways to drive more business center revenue.

 He advised: “Strive for more social and less media. You don’t have to be on every channel, hangout, feed or stream. Pick two or three where your business market hangs out and focus on being a social ninja in those. Don’t rush after every shiny new channel or platform. Communications must be two-way. Engage your followers and make deeper connections.”

For more help on how to use social media for business more effectively, take a look at eConsultancy’s “60 quick social media tips for beginners” here.

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