Resource Suites Announces the Launch of a Revolutionary New Mobile Application: Mailgapp

Resource Suites, an ABCN  member, is Honolulu’s premier virtual and serviced office provider.  Our mission is to provide professional, low-cost office solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

Resource Suites has spent the last three months redesigning its website and integrating it with its new mobile app, MailGapp, the world’s first online virtual office sign up application from a mobile device.  Responsive design is not just the ability of a website to adapt to mobile devices, but the ability to adapt to the way you use your mobile device to get things accomplished.  Resource Suites new website lets visitors choose their preferred virtual office services, then sign up for them from locations across the US, all online and in-app.  No more cumbersome and time-consuming paper forms or office visits.  Mailgapp provides a user-friendly, e-commerce experience on any mobile device, no mater how you choose to sign up for a virtual office.

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Resource Suites are focused on helping entrepreneurs through their times of uncertainty and beyond.  Resource Suites supports sustainability for your business and our world.

Here’s what people are saying about Mailgapp:

“Overall, I found that [Mailgapp] was very easy to use.”
                         -Dave Moyer, Manager of Hawaii Sands Professional Services LLC

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