Why This Flexible Workspace Operator Created Its Own Fragrance and Why You Should Too

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Earlier this year, we learned about multisensory design and its various benefits. The idea behind this approach is that people are sensors and that it is in our nature to be very dialed-in. When Melissa Marsh talked to Allwork about the basis of multisensory design, she stated that “members should be able to talk about more than just the visuals of your workspace; they should be able to talk about the air flow, the level of scent, and the style of the scent.”

IZA Business Centers, a flexible workspace operator in Mexico, did just that. While looking into ways through which they could enhance their members’ experience in their centers, they found that scent could not only help create a better environment but it would also help members and visitors alike remember their experience with IZA. Scent is the human sense that is most closely related to memory, so by creating a unique fragrance to their workspaces IZA was able to guarantee that they would make a lasting impression.

We reached out to IZA BC to learn more about their process of creating a scent, the results and benefits they’ve observed, and why they recommend other workspace operators do the same.

Why did IZA create its own scent?

We decided to create the IZA Fragrance after learning about the great benefits that come with working in an environment that stimulates your senses. By awakening and stimulating our members’  sense of smell, we are able to evoke feelings and thoughts that motivate them, make them feel happy and comfortable, and allow them to work more efficiently.

What benefits or what reaction were you expecting?

Giving a strong and positive impression is important in our line of business, and so is finding ways through which we can add value to our members. Because at IZA we strive to be better everyday, we know that we always need to give a good impression. A good impression is influenced by personal ideas and views, but also (and mainly) by our surrounding environment; through the sense of smell, we’ve been able to create an environment that is perceived as welcoming and agreeable, which in turn has allowed us to create a unique and pleasant impression in our members and visitors. IZA Fragrance also plays a key role in our efforts to guarantee our members that every detail and aspect of our workplace has the end-goal to benefit and enhance their performance.

What was the process like?

Our team is constantly trying to find ways in which we can innovate to offer the best workplace experience within our centers. For this project, we had the advantage of working with someone that shared how aromas influence human behavior and the benefits that it can offer. We then conducted exhaustive research on the primitive sense of smell and the scents that we could potentially use. We ended up by mixing and combining the most pleasant scents, among a pool of aromas that would bring the most benefits to our members, staff, and visitors in terms of wellbeing and comfort.

What’s behind the fragrance name?

We opted for a name that was simple to remember and that people would also associate with our brand. That’s how IZA Fragrance was born.

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What are the most prominent characteristics of the fragrance and what effect do they have in those exposed to its scent?

The fragrance consists of natural aromas that stimulate the senses and produce a sense of harmony. Because IZA Fragrance was created with our members and workspace visitors in mind, we created a scent that is well-balanced and that produces a sensation that can easily be associated with success, wellbeing, tranquility, and, most important of all, happiness.

Is the IZA Fragrance used in all of IZA’s workspaces? What has been the members’ response to the fragrance?

Yes, you will find the distinctive trace of our fragrance in all IZA centers across Mexico. Members have said that IZA Fragrance is a unique and original fragrance that creates a sense of wellbeing, calm, harmony, and that it is overall, pleasant to experience.

Has the mission of the fragrance been successfully accomplished? How so?

Our main goal was to offer our members the best workplace experience they could get. So far, our members have been fully satisfied with it and it’s contributed to maintaining IZA’s positive image as a business.

Would you recommend to other flexible workspace operators to create their own fragrance?

Of course! Just like each person has their own identity and is unique in his or her own way, so are businesses and flexible workspaces. The end goal is for businesses and workspace operators to distinguish themselves and to portray their best image by contributing to society, helping out others, and creating unforgettable experiences. Creating your own fragrance is one way of doing this.

Image via IZA BC Facebook page


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