11 Ways To Turn Your Website Traffic Into Workspace Leads


Guest post by Gemma Reeves

What are the most effective ways to convince potential clients to enquire about your workspace locations? The folks over at online office search brokerage www.findmyworkspace.com share 11 ways to fast-track it.

In today’s online world, search engines are your storefront and your website is your actual store. Just like with physical locations, window shoppers are great,  but what you really want are clients who make enquiries which later convert to deals.

Optimizing Your Website To Improve Conversion Rates

1. Smart design and use of colors

A call-to-action (CTA) button is a must. Make sure that it’s easy to find, prominently and strategically placed.

Think of the details. The color of your CTA button should be eye-catching but not disruptive of your theme’s site. It is recommended that you reserve a special pantone for this; one that isn’t used anywhere else in your website.

Smart placement is crucial. Your CTA button should be located at the top half of your landing page, ideally in the top right corner of the site, as this is where the eye focuses on after the logo.

And please, avoid at all costs persistent CTA pop-ups that interrupt a visitor while they are trying to browse through your site and learn more about you.

2. Be action-oriented

Do your website visitors get any benefits for enquiring directly through your site? Consider including a value-added message with your CTA button.

Don’t settle for the generic. Include a forward-looking statement that tells visitors clearly what they can expect after clicking your button. Here are some suggestions: ‘Request Prices’ or ‘Get A Personalized Quote Today’.

3. Get in touch

Always aim to get a visitor’s contact information before they leave your website. Specifically, try to get his or her email address.

Realistically speaking, it’ll take several visits before people decide to enquire or book a space. For this reason, keeping a friendly correspondence via email can aid people in getting to know your services better and therefore settle on a decision faster.

Email can also help lead people back to your website. One non-intrusive way to get in touch and obtain a person’s email is to invite them to sign up to your newsletter.

4. Invest in content

In a growing industry with so many other sites and workspace providers vying for the same prospect’s business, your workspace and website must stand out.

Content writers are in big demand now as business owners are realizing the power of well-written and persuasive descriptions. A significant amount of potential transactions do not push through to the “Enquire now” button due to insufficient or inaccurate information.

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5. Use quality visuals

Along with strong written content, visuals can make or break your conversion rate.

Use the right colors, use quality pictures, use high-definition videos that will help visitors learn more about your workspace in a convenient and interactive way. Avoid using stock photos and instead use original ones that accurately depict your workspace and its services.

Video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Use them wisely to communicate with your visitors.

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