Part 2: Experts Predict 2017 Workplace Design Trends

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Atlassian Office, Austin, TX

If you missed part 1 of 2017 workplace design trends predictions, you can find them here.

From Poppin

Jeff Miller, VP of Design at Poppin

Bringing the outdoors inside, and work outside. There’s already been an uptick in incorporating nature into workplaces so we’ll continue to see more plants, more natural wood in the interior architecture and furniture with gardens, rooftops, and more.

The coworking mentality will also increase. Coworking as not just an option for the individual in need of a desk, but as a new attitude and style of working. Companies are now inviting outsiders to cowork in their offices, and send workers outside of the office to cowork elsewhere. It establishes a sense of community and an exchange of information/creativity.

David Branham, Director of Merchandising at Poppin

Budget constraints will make companies prioritize. Companies are investing in creating appealing workspaces and they’re finding the budget to do so by offering “desk hoteling.” This mentality is not every full-time employee needs a desk, which also translates to flexibility with remote work and the ability to “work from anywhere.”

Zones are more important than ever. While the ratio of desks to employees drops further, companies are investing in alternatives to desks, whether it’s soft furniture in lounge; cafe-style seating near the office kitchen cum Coffee Bar; semi-enclosed furniture that provide temporary spaces for focused work; or communal workbenches for working alongside your team of choice – rather than your team of report.


Desk hoteling (hot-desking)

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