In The Loop: The real beauty of a workspace is more than skin-deep

Crew Collective

Restaurants ramp up revenue by catering to coworkers.

Earlier this week, we listed 15 niche workspaces catering to industry-specific companies.  Another one comes in the form of high-end restaurants offering workspace during daytimes. Spacious is one such example.

“Walking by a coffee shop and seeing everybody piled on top of each other, and seeing a beautiful empty restaurant next door — it just seemed to be a natural fit,” said Preston Pesek, Spacious co-founder. It’s a win-win: for restaurant owners who get a new revenue stream, for members who get a great place to work, and of course for Spacious. But if your workspace sits next to a restaurant, you might want to keep this quiet.

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5 of the world’s “most beautiful” coworking spaces.

Says who? Says Forbes.

Naturally, we can think of a few more (a lot more) to add to this list. But you can’t deny these spaces really are beautiful, and we’re always happy to see flexible workspaces highlighted in mainstream news.

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Did yours make the cut?

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This coworking space didn’t make the “most beautiful” list.

Talking of beautiful spaces, you’d expect a coworking space for architects and designers to be a real knockout. However, this piece from Dezeen looks a little… unfinished.

Plainly speaking, beauty has gone out the window in favor of functionality. But that’s no bad thing. After all, what’s the point in an attractive space if you can’t actually use it? This one goes for form and functionality over flair, and it works. That’s the beauty of our industry.

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Featured image: Crew Collective