In The Loop: New And Cool Spaces, Verizon, And WeWork’s Arrival In Asia

In The Loop: New And Cool Spaces, Verizon, And WeWork’s Arrival In Asia

Verizon Dives Into Coworking

The telecommunications giant, Verizon, has ventured into the coworking movement by transforming some of its empty and unused “telco” buildings into coworking spaces. The National Real Estate Investor reported this week that Verizon will “spearhead projects featuring retail shops, condos and, most notably, coworking spaces.”

Read all about Verizon’s strategy to monetize its real estate here.

As WeWork Expands In Asia, Coworking Spaces In The Region Chase Funding

Deal Street Asia wrote this week that “mergers and funding rounds have become de rigueur in the region (Asia) as companies rally resources to battle the world’s largest coworking firm, New York-based WeWork, on their home turfs.” Following the news of WeWork’s joint venture with Japan SoftBank Group, flexible workspace operators in Asia are seeking ways in which to compete and expand their footprint before it’s too late. Read more about coworking investment and mergers in Asia here.

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Inc Reveals 6 Of The World’s Newest and Coolest Coworking Spaces

Inc Magazine published this week a short list of new, cool and stunning coworking spaces across the globe. From San Francisco to New York, Paris to Shanghai, coworking keeps proving time and again that it’s here to stay.

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