In the Loop: WeWork Powered By Enterprises, Workplace Design, Coworking in Malaysia

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WeWork’s Success, Powered By Enterprises

And not just any type of enterprise.

According to a recent report by Recode, “enterprise companies, which the coworking company defines as companies with 1,000 or more workers, now make up 20 percent of WeWork’s membership and 30 percent of its monthly revenue.”

Read more about how large enterprises are powering WeWork’s growth here.

Malaysian Coworking Operator Gears Up For Expansion

Common Ground,  a major coworking operator in Malaysia, announced that it is expanding its portfolio footprint by adding three new spaces in Kuala Lumpur. Their expansion is proof of how flexible workspace demand is increasing all over the world.

According to Tech Wire Asia, Common Ground’s decision comes as a proactive approach to position their brand in the market before WeWork and UrWork set their sights on the Southeast Asian country.

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Read more about Common Ground’s expansion here.

Food For Thought: Learning Styles and Workplace Design

From WorkDesign Magazine’s latest Design TALK on Learning Styles and Their Impact on Workplace Design. Find out why experts believe that “understanding learning styles can perhaps be a tool to translate into better and more supportive workspaces.”

Turns out it’s not just personality type, but also learning styles that can greatly influence our workspace choice.

Read all about learning styles and workplace design here.