Tech-Focused Workspace ExtraSlice Raises $1 Million

Bellevue-based workspace extraSlice was co-founded in 2013 by software engineers, Meghana Subramarian and Binu Regunathan.

Tech can make or break a workspace; especially in regards to attracting corporate and enterprise clients that have to deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. That’s not to say, however, that flexible workspace operators cannot meet specific tech requirements.

In fact, it’s situations like these that have given rise to more niche coworking spaces, providing operators with a unique opportunity to add value to certain types of clients. Such is the case of extraSlice in Bellevue, WA. Calling themselves “The Place for Tech”, extraSlice isn’t only a flexible workspace; it’s a full-blown technology campus and platform, designed and created to foster innovation in their local community.

Founded by two software engineers in 2013, extraSlice has focused on attracting and catering to technology companies in the area. And after 4 years of being fully self-funded, extraSlice announced it had raised US$1 million in funding to accelerate growth.

In an interview with Allwork.Space, co-founder Binu Regunathan said, “We have seen strong traction, especially from larger enterprise clients as of late, so we felt the time was right to bring in our first outside funding. We realized the market needed us to accelerate our growth.”


In addition to startups, extraSlice’s tech campus is attracting attention from enterprise clients.

extraSlice found a niche and has been able to successfully cater to it. Part of their success, Binu comments, can be attributed to the fact that both he and his co-founder are ‘technologists of profession’, so they understand the technology needs that companies have and they know how to provide for such needs.

According to Binu, the tech-campus is “a very nimble and highly profitable organization. Because of this we will be able to use the money raised to power our growth and boost our technology infrastructure even more.”

The latter is a direct response to the increased traction extraSlice has been getting from enterprise clients; extraSlice will now be offering branded and private offices with private entrances into the building, as well as incorporating agile infrastructure that can suit specific company needs.

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A Comprehensive Home for Tech Companies

The true value of a workplace is no longer measured by square footage and the actual physical space. “Today’s workplace is experience-driven and technologically enabled, and the future office will operate like a full-service hotel, with curated experiences.”

Co-founder Meghana Subramarian believes that, “As technologists, we as company founders experienced first-hand that the Greater Seattle region did not have a comprehensive home for technology companies such as what we’re building. Beyond great physical space, we are establishing a technology marketplace and culture where community and collaboration are supported by top-of-line technology infrastructure, training, services, and security. In short, a place that really feels like a technology campus, not just some shared real estate.”

Yes, extraSlice has created its very own marketplace — which according to both co-founders has made their offering more appealing and value-driven for companies.

“A key part of a tech company’s success lies in successfully bringing products and technologies to the market,” Binu tells us. “The marketplace we’re creating provides our community with a forum where member companies can first get objective feedback, advice, questions, and even critique about their products or technologies before they go to market.  This way, they’re getting feedback directly from other technologists and/or technology companies that can be useful to them in terms of honing their offerings before public release.”

The concept of the marketplace goes beyond receiving useful feedback. Binu explains that their global marketplace serves as an integral platform that can help companies get off the ground  by connecting them with global markets, as well as with trusted service providers like accountants, attorneys, and marketing.

The comprehensive tech campus is also home to various training and education programs, as well as tech-events. For example, extraSlice will host the Bellevue Tech Expo in 2018.

Binu and Meghana expect to expand their tech-campus footprint within the next year, and though they didn’t disclose specific locations, they did share that their main focus will be on the greater Seattle area and they are considering more funding rounds in the near future.

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