work well win Establishes Well-Working Space In Austin

work well win announced it has taken over a former coworking space in Austin, TX

At work well win, we believe the work environment has the opportunity to improve your day. By making wellness in the workplace convenient, and providing professionals with the resources they need to thrive, work well winaims to make the people feel good about working again, in their workplace.

Austin has been a priority for the work well win team given the city’s creative, entrepreneurial and welcoming heart. work well win is building a 100,000 square-foot Austin location on the Eastside’s Eightfold campus but while this is under construction and set to open this fall, work well win is able to bring the Austin community their solution now.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of work well win’s first Austin location, the space formerly known as Journey Coworking (5323 Levander Loop). By bringing the work well win solution to the Journey space, work well win is introducing well-working to current Journey members and prospective Austin members. work well win offers its members first-class wellness-oriented amenities including purified air systems, meditation spaces, natural light design, healthy food and beverage offerings, plants, upscale aesthetic improvements including professional education opportunities. work well win will implement its design and aesthetic changes to this space over the next few months.

The deal was brokered by Johnny Kelly, Founder of J9 Partners, and a Senior Advisor to work well win. J9 Partners has been retained by work well win to lead its Austin operations and manage this location.

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    “The number one reason companies leave co-working spaces is because they outgrow the space,” said Kelly. “With the proximity of work well win’s Levander Loop location to its massive Eightfold location, work well win is Austin’s first co-working solution that gives companies the ability to scale at any rate while providing them an unmatched professional wellness environment, which we’re calling well-working.”

    “We’re proud to debut our work well win model in Austin sooner than expected, helping the professionals and corporations with a presence in this city take one step closer to bringing appreciation back into the workplace,” said Frank Bistrian, CEO of work well win. “Austin is one of the most creative, innovative and warm-hearted cities in the nation, and we see this community being an important and influential leader in the emerging well-working movement.”

    As of May 1, 2018 work well win has officially taken over the space at 5323 Levander Loop. For inquiries on leasing space at work well win, reach out to [email protected].

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