In The Loop: Coworking Definition, Oxford Innovation, And Adam Neumann’s Latest Investment

The discussion and debate regarding the definition of coworking continues. What’s your take?

Coworking Doesn’t Need a New Definition
Steve King from Emergent Research shared his thoughts on the recent and very much debated topic of whether coworking needs a new definition. King agrees with Liz Elam in that coworking doesn’t need a new definition, even though he agrees that “coworking” is a narrow, limiting term. In the end, King concludes by saying that “it’s not the coworking industry that needs a new name. It’s the commercial office space industry.”
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Oxford Innovation Center Will Launch Flexible Workspace Offering
The UK’s largest Innovation Center operator, Oxford Innovation, will deliver flexible workspace, including extensive dedicated and coworking space to early stage and startup businesses, FE News reported this week. The flexible workspace will be located at the University of Essex’s Knowledge Gateway research and technology park and will be managed by Oxford Innovation. The space is set to open Spring, 2019.

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WeWork’s Adam Neumann Invests in Cannabis Company
CTech reported this week that WeWork’s co-founder and CEO, Adam Neumann, “has invested $5 million in Tel Aviv-listed medical cannabis company InterCure Ltd. in return for a 4.5% stake in the company.

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