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Marcin Wilinski discusses the importance of human interaction in a technology-heavy world

Technology is vital in a company’s ability to grow and flourish in today’s market. While advanced technology can make every day work easier and efficient, Marcin Wilinski, general manager of Services with Ricoh Australia, believes that the lack of balance between employees and technology is damaging to public service.

“We see quite a large number of government clients saying they have invested a lot into technology, but can’t assess its efficiency impact or understand how to drive it further,” Wilinski said. “But companies that engage employees in transformation processes say they outperform their competition. There is really a demand to get this human element within technology right – but it is not just about governance. It is about shifting all business operation thinking.”

It’s obvious that society is shifting, therefore workplaces should meet the needs of all generations. This includes young workers who are accustomed to mobility and citizens who demand flexible, instant response times from their public servants.

A large non-profit supporting grants for research and development approached Ricoh to find ways to improve their funding application, which was all done on paper and caused frequent miscommunications. When swapping over to digital, the process become immensely easier, efficient, and employees were much more satisfied.

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Although technology clearly benefits companies in terms of accuracy and accessibility, it can also pose a security threat. If computers, phones, and other internet-ran devices are not properly secured, they run the risk of being hacked or exposed. In order to prevent this, companies can take a look at developing guided technology and reviewing policies to ensure all employees can properly use the software, according to Wilinski.

Overall, human interaction can be just as important as technology implementation in the workplace.

“This helps to build the case for using the technology, and not the other way around,” Wilinski said. “If you think about what an enjoyable customer or staff experience looks like, you increase the likelihood of making good technology choices that deliver greater value.”

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