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How to keep up with marketing trends

While the media and marketing industries are rapidly evolving, traditional media is struggling to keep up. Some are moving behind paywalls and others are blending marketing and paid content to remain profitable.

There are many tactics the marketing industry can take that are tried-and-true and should be executed in the upcoming year.

Micro-influencers are a perfect way to reach audiences in a more cost effective way than enlisting A-listers. Finding influencers that are already interested in your brand is a great way to engage with the audience while creating an authentic customer-to-brand relationship.

Content is vital to growing a brand. For example, a study shows that 85% of people want more video content from companies. Whether the content is written or video, it gives a chance for your company to properly explain the product and brand.

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Affiliate marketing is another tool that allows brands to incentivize partners to promote products in exchange for commission. BuzzFeed is a prime example of how affiliate markets function, providing disclaimers in some articles that say, “We may receive a commission for products purchased through links in this story.”

Along with these marketing strategies, doing organic research is still effective. Performing an annual SEO audit can optimize your site and lead to better search opportunities. There are many SEO testing tools such as Moz and SEOptimer that can assist with this.

As marketing continues to evolve, it is important for the industry to begin thinking outside the box in order to fully utilize their tools and promote their brand.

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