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The key to increasing productivity among remote workspaces

Millennials have redefined the meaning of collaboration in today’s age. Freelancing and remote working are a big part of this generation’s means of work, so ensuring you have the right software tools to reach full productivity, while offering a work-life balance, is key to retaining talent.

Many traditional offices offer various amenities to increase company morale and productivity such as balanced desk design; an office environment with plentiful lighting; an opportunity to personalize workstations; a positive, collaborative work culture; and quality software tools.

Remote working is much different, in that a worker’s office might be their homes or a beach house which already gives the employee control over their environment and preferred design.

Still, the software being used for digital nomads in a collaborative workspace might be the most vital factor in ensuring productivity.

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There are numerous apps that offer all-in-one communication services, including video/voice calling, screen sharing, and instant messaging. For example, Slack is the dominant communication app thanks to its free plan with such features.

As for collaborative task management, it is important for remote workers to be on the same page as their colleagues. Apps like Asana and Trello allow workers to track progress, create deadlines, assign tasks and set priorities without stressful clutter.

Collaborative documentation is equally important for an efficient workspace. Google Drive rules this sector, with its ability to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations, while giving anyone permission to collaborate with you.

Overall, our software usage can determine how productive and dynamic workplace.

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