How To Attract Members To Your Coworking Space Through Video

Filmmaker Joe Dives explains how to capture new workspace members through the power of video marketing.
  • Video is an incredibly powerful multisensory medium, but it’s still underutilized by many coworking operators.
  • Allwork.Space caught up with filmmaker Joe Dives, who works with flexible operators, to find out how it all works.
  • Joe explains that it’s not enough to create a generic tour-style video of your space. To really stand out, you have to add a great story into the mix.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for communication. You only have to look at the success of YouTube to understand how influential it is — the platform has over one billion users across 91 countries and 80 languages. Yet despite the evidence, this multisensory medium is still underutilized by many coworking operators.

So how can the coworking industry harness the power of video, and why should they in the first place?

Allwork.Space caught up with Joe Dives, Creative Director at One Giant, a London-based creative film agency that helps property companies — including flexible operators — find new members and tenants.

Why should coworking operators include video in their strategy?

To kick off the conversation, we asked Joe why coworking operators should embrace video to sell their spaces. He explains that it comes down to three principles. The first relates to basic human behaviour; the idea that we lead with our hearts, not our heads. A storytelling approach, however, is critical.

“People have a tendency to make complex purchasing decisions based on a gut reaction, and then afterwards rationalise their decision with logic.

“Humans aren’t hardwired to remember facts, but we are programmed to remember stories. If you tell a story about your company or your space, you can engage people emotionally and ensure they remember you.”

Another key incentive is that video content is likely to travel further than other types of content and have a wider ‘reach’.

Joe explains: “The internet loves video. Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram’s algorithms weigh video 4 – 10 times more favourably than text or image. That’s because video is ‘stickier’, which means viewers linger longer in their ecosystems.

“If you create video content, it will show up on more people’s feeds, enabling your message to travel farther and faster. Plus, with a paid social campaign, you can carry your video directly to the screens of your ideal customers.”

Most, if not all coworking operators will agree that this kind of online engagement is crucial when it comes to attracting new members, especially those operating in competitive locations.

But Joe goes on to explain that it’s not enough to just create a generic tour-style video of your space. To really stand out, you have to think creatively and conceptually about how you’re going to communicate your story.

This is particularly important if you’re targeting industry ‘disrupters’.

“To be heard, it’s essential that you create a film that is moving, funny or daring — your customers will love you for it. Buildings are simply wrappers for life; anything is possible.

“Making something that stands out is doubly important when talking to those from the tech or creative worlds. Why? Because you might just be striving to do the same thing they are – challenge the status quo.”

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    How do you come up with an original concept for a video?

    Joe admits that great ideas are formed out of a combination of tried and tested elements. For him, devouring art and information through different forms such as cinema, exhibitions, TV and books helps to “fill the well of references”.

    One Giant draw inspiration from these experiences when coming up with ideas for their clients. This is exemplified in their work for Berkeley Group’s office space, iBasin.

    “The challenge was to find a way to bring their tech focused name to life in a meaningful way. Inspiration was found at an exhibition called ‘California’ at the Design Museum in London. At the heart of the exhibition was the story of the first Silicon Valley settlers, who had taken the values of 60’s counterculture and imbued it into the tech-focused world they were creating.

    “In the film we wanted to share the same values they sought — that technology could empower the individual, help to grow a community and enhance people’s personal liberty. So despite being shot in winter in London, we wanted that California vibe and outlook to shine in the film, even through the puddles!”

    Watch the video in full here.

    How long does it take to shoot, edit and publish a video and what’s involved?

    According to Joe, the process typically takes a month from sign off to final delivery for a documentary-style film, and six weeks for a scripted film.

    “That said, a deadline is a wonderful thing and we do often get asked to turn things around in two to three weeks; we will always adapt our ideas and time frame to suit the client’s needs,” he says.

    One Giant’s approach is as follows:

    1. First off, we have a briefing session with the client to get a really clear idea of where they want to get to and what obstacles might be preventing them from getting there.
    2. After the initial meeting, we head off and come up with a strategic approach involving a foundation for a creative idea or two to share with the client.
    3. Our clients choose an idea and give feedback to enhance it further. We also work with them to establish who they want to target and form a plan for how we can deliver their message to their audience, i.e. via emailers or PPC campaigns.
    4. Once the idea and budget is signed off, we start the production process. This begins with pre-production and preparation before shooting the film.
    5. In post-production we edit, incorporate sound and finally, colour grade the film to ensure the look is vibrant and resonates with the visual identity of the brand. Once we’re happy with every aspect, we’ll deliver it to the client!

    If you think your coworking brand could benefit from video content and want to find out more, you can reach Joe at [email protected].

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