How To Beat The Monday Blues

9 easy tips to take the mundane out of Monday.
  • Hate Mondays? You’re not alone. These 9 easy tips will help you power through Mondays like a boss.
  • Upbeat music, packing a delicious lunch and planning something fun at the end of the day will take the mundane out of Monday.
  • If your Monday blues aren’t going away and you dread going to work, it could be a sign that something just isn’t right.

Feeling blue today? Welcome to the club.

Come Sunday night, most people are already dreading the thought of Monday rolling around. According to scientific research, there are several explanations for this.

For one, most people disrupt their sleeping patterns during the weekend. It also tends to be a time when people overindulge, which not only makes them feel less healthy but it can have a negative impact on health, too. Going from Sunday to Monday is rarely a welcome transition and people often resist this change. Worse, this feeling is amplified for those who dislike their job or their working environment, which makes the rest of the week a struggle, too. Sound familiar?

Luckily, there are several ways you can fight and beat the Monday blues at work.

Plan ahead: have a lazy Sunday

Instead of having a busy Sunday doing housework, visiting family, or running errands, plan to have a lazy Sunday and indulge yourself. You deserve a break and some “me time”; read a book, watch some TV, cook yourself a nice meal, have a spa day at home, and so on. Doing this will help you feel fresh and energized come Monday morning.

Don’t snooze

Though it’s tempting to hit snooze once your alarm goes off, resist the temptation and get an early start to your day. Whether you want to hit the gym or go for a run, enjoy a nice cup of coffee at home, or eat breakfast, taking your time to get ready and ease into the day can help you fight the Monday blues. Rushing or feeling that you’ll be late for work is a sure-proof way to increase stress levels and your dislike for Mondays.

Pack a delicious (and healthy) lunch, or plan eating lunch with coworkers

Think of Monday lunch as the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Pack your favorite meal, go to a restaurant you really like, or just hang out with work friends. It’ll be an instant pick me up and it’ll help you recharge for the half work day remaining.

Listen to upbeat music

As you get ready to go to work and while you commute to work, listen to some upbeat, feel good songs. Music affects our mood and emotions, so playing upbeat music can help lift your spirits and get you pumped up for the day ahead. Once you get to work, however, switch the upbeat tunes for some classical or focus ones to help you tackle the day ahead.

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Prioritize tasks

Work and tasks tend to pile up on Mondays. Prioritizing tasks will help you gain some control and make it easier to get through it. It’ll help keep work simple and straightforward, and it’ll prevent you from overloading your first day of the week.

Ease into the day

Just like easing into your morning, ease into work. Instead of diving into your to-do list as soon as you get to work, consider filling your water bottle or grabbing a coffee, arranging your desk, prioritizing tasks, and starting off with easy tasks. Once you’ve slowly eased into your workflow, you’ll naturally gravitate towards high-focus tasks and big projects.

Take breaks throughout the day

Every now and then, stand up and stretch your legs. Go get more water, walk around, engage in small talk, or simply look away from the computer. Taking breaks will help you be more productive and it can improve your overall health.

Brighten your day (literally)

While you’re taking a break, go outside and soak up the sun. If not, consider sitting in an area where you have access to natural light. Natural light improves productivity, improves energy levels, reduces eye strain and tiredness, reduces stress, and contributes to a person’s circadian rhythm.

Plan something fun for after-work

Plan a special evening for after work to help you get fully over that Monday slump. Plan a nice dinner, eat out with friends, have a date night with your significant other, or simply make some time for yourself after work. Not only will this improve your mood, but it’ll also help you prepare for the next day.

If, however, you find yourself constantly battling with the Monday blues and nothing seems to make it better, reach out to someone, as the Monday blues could be an emotional alarm.

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