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The workplace evolution is happening

Brendon Bruce is the International Director for Ideation at Haworth, a team of designers and manufacturers of adaptable workspaces. The company’s research has provided extensive insight into the evolution of workplace trends.

As Generation Z becomes a big portion of the job market, hiring, management practices and offices themselves will change drastically. This generation seeks out a relaxed, fun and motivating environment and offices will have to adapt to these needs in order to attract and retain talent.

People are also willing to invest more time when they feel their atmosphere reflects their own personality and supports their health.

Encouraging movement, hydration and social connection can help create a healthier work environment, improve focus and help build interaction to improve team relationships.

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Design changes are also a big player in how an office is portrayed to potential clients and talent. For example, natural lighting has been proven time and time again to improve overall happiness, well-being, work satisfaction and performance.

Since we spend the majority of time working indoors, including greenery in the workplace is also a surefire way to improve employee satisfaction and well-being. Incorporating natural materials, such as wood and grass, can help in creating a more serene environment.

Technology also plays a huge role in the evolution of the workplace. For example, podcasts are a great way to absorb information while multitasking and has since been a source of content from business experts for on-the-go entrepreneurs.

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