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What can agile working do for your office?

Agile working is changing how we think of traditional workspaces, as younger generations take on a more prominent role in the workforce.

Agile working allows for a more fluid environment and opens up the possibility of remote working. It fosters creativity, boosts morale, and improves productivity while utilizing technology in order to have effective, fulfilling workdays.

The technology industry are big proponents of agile working, but other industries have started benefiting from the model. Copywriters, architects, designers, or any other work that can be done remotely and independently can benefit from agile working.

Flexibility within a workplace is essential for attracting talent to a company. A study by Ernst & Young found that a flexible workplace was a top priority for millennials looking for work. Agile working is no longer a want, but is expected.

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Such workplaces tend to have higher retention rates and bring in a more diverse workforce since it allows workers more freedom and a flexible work schedule. Parents, job-sharers, students and more will have the opportunity to collaborate together.

Employees in an agile workspace will be able to engage with one another and adopt a wider set of skills, regardless of their job title.

In order to implement agile working the right way, you must set a clear set of objectives and goals for each team. Allowing Wi-Fi to be accessed from any point in the space is also vital. Design wise, it is key to get rid of the traditional cubicle structure and move to hot-desking, which allows employees to use any available space rather than having a dedicated area.



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