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Working moms find a home in suburban coworking spaces

While coworking has a steady home in major cities across the nation, many operators are finding retreat in the suburbs where working moms can enjoy time to think, create, and socialization with others.

Take Work and Play for example. The unique workspace caters to moms and includes onsite childcare services in South Orange, New Jersey.

Dani Geraci, who opted out of full-time work following the birth of her first child, decided to launch a branding and marketing company out of Work and Play.

“I had missed having that environment where you sit down, have a cup of coffee, chitchat for 5 or 10 minutes before getting down to business,” said Geraci. “That is a huge part of who I am.”

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Women make up 75% of Work and Play’s membership thanks to its flexible work arrangements and services. Women take up a big chunk of overall alternative work arrangements (gig economy), rising from 8.3% in 2005 to 17% in 2015.

HudCo is another workspace that is tailored to women without being “pink” according to cofounder and interior designer Christina Cohen.

The converted warehouse has high ceilings, plentiful natural light, and a wellness space.

“We don’t want the place to resemble a Starbucks,” said cofounder Christy Knell. “We want people to get to know each other and to be motivated, inspired and connect with the community.”



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