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Coworking Firms Use Technology To Boost Productivity For Members

Hudson Yards includes virtually everything for a productive workday— offices, collaborative spaces, and state-of-the-art technology. While the space mostly focuses on an open layout to boost productivity, some members found that this design was not accommodating to all colleagues and could actually hinder their work.

Coworking firms have been one of the first adopters of smart tech since this sector of the office market relies heavily on innovation to attract tenants and fuel their productivity. For example, coworking operator Convene purchased Beco, a location-analytics software company, that allows the company to track the data across their locations.

“We could see the setup of the room and the furniture selection wasn’t working because the sensors flagged it for us,” said Tom Zampini, cofounder of Beco and chief product officer at Convene. “It sounds trivial, but when you’re operating hundreds of spaces across an entire portfolio, it’s hard to see these things and fix them without technology to identify it.”

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These technologies can encourage productivity by tracking foot traffic, employees interaction, and software that can identify patterns of occupants.

Now, Gregg Carman, executive vice president and head of global commercial operations at Humanyze, said that many Fortune 1,000 companies are seeking out Humanyze’s services as more employers are continuing to pivot away from “cool” amenities and more towards data that provides insight into how spaces can best be utilized.

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