Running Remote Conference 2019: Distributed Teams Become The Future Of Work

Running Remote, the world’s largest conference on remote team management, gathered 418 attendees from over 46 countries in Bali this past June.

BALI, Indonesia, August 2019 – Running Remote, the world’s largest conference on remote team management, took place in Bali on June 29-30. 418 attendees from 46 countries gathered in the luxurious Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort for two days to learn the best strategies of managing remote teams from acknowledged experts and be part of an active community of global companies executives.

Among 28 speakers presented at the event, there were Amir Salihefendic, founder & CEO of Doist, Marcie Murray, Director of Support at Shopify, Nick Francis, co-founder & CEO of Help Scout, and other industry leaders.

During the two days they discussed such topics as building processes to scale remote teams, introducing design thinking into the company, legal aspects of hiring internationally, success stories of building a company culture and communicating more effectively, and even how to get funded.

Running Remote 2019 also hosted several panel discussions. One of them was dedicated to the impact of coworking spaces on rural communities and the remote work industry. The second panel discussion covered the Estonian e-Residency program, as presented by one of its directors and e-residents.

Finally, for the first time in history a panel discussion with “remote-friendly” venture capital firms took place. A trending topic was discussed – what it takes to get funding for distributed companies. This discussion was moderated by Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy, who interviewed Marvin Liao, partner at 500 Startups and Anthony Pompliano, Managing Partner at Morgan Creek.

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The talks were followed by several networking sessions just a few meters away from the beach of Indian ocean, along with a five star lunch buffet. Attendees also had an opportunity to address their challenges with managing remote teams during the Live Q&A session. At the end of each session the conference partner provided a smooth audience interaction support a mobile app app. There were 386 questions asked in total that received 1,271 upvotes, taking Running Remote to the top of Slido’s global engagement rank.

The conference would not be possible without the support of its sponsors: Mural, Twist, Trainual, 1Office, Republic of Estonia E-Residency, Time Doctor, WeRemote, PayStaff, Iglu, We Work Remotely, and Livit.

According to attendees’ and partners’ feedback, the event resulted in valuable business insights, strategic partnerships, new leads, and increased brand awareness.

I thought I knew a thing or two about remote work (and I still think that), but this was a breath of fresh air. I learned some tricks, gained some insight into the future of work, and met some amazing people. Nick Sonnenberg, Founder, GetLevarage

“The organizers’ conscious choice to not market to digital nomads, but exclusively to established companies with distributed teams. Very different vibe compared to most other conferences.” Lavinia Iosub, Managing Partner at Livit

Running Remote 2020 will take place in Austin, USA, on April 20-21. Limited presale starts on September 1st.

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