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The Distributed Workforce Is Changing How Companies Are Modeled

Distributed companies are abolishing the traditional 9-to-5 work model that is supported by centralized corporations. Click To Tweet

Distributed firms have no central physical location and is more concerned about how and where employees work, rather than a physical space or dedicated hours.

The amount of Americans who worked from home grew to 5.2% in 2018. These numbers are not a reflection of centralized companies who offer some employees to work from home — it highlights notable firms that have grown massively and have no central office.

This has led the growth of new companies that service this trend, particularly coworking firms. The main operators in this market include WeWork, Knotel, and smaller variants like One Piece and Mindspace.

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Distributed companies have access to numerous benefits and advantages not seen at centralized firms. For example, distributed firms are able to unlock global talent teams. This allows companies the ability to find the perfect candidate for niche projects, as well as having them focus on the job rather than relocation.

Additionally, distributed companies do not have to deal with high real estate prices. Pittsburgh-based Duolingo recently marketed itself as offering jobs in a city where engineers can afford a house. Distributed companies offer this same option, without forcing employees to live in a specific city.

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