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Flexible Offices Take Green Initiatives To The Next Level

Emphasizing green initiatives has become vital for businesses of all sizes, and rating systems like Green Star are recognizing organizations who maintain sustainable design and operations of their buildings.

Currently, the six-star building design is the highest standard in green construction, but could flexible workspaces raise the bar?

Once a building has accomplished a green, carbon-neutral environment, how can it go forward? The “seventh star” could be given to buildings that are already sustainable, but also offer flexible workspaces that help cut commute times, which reduce overall carbon emissions.

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Additionally, offering employees remote working options through flexible workspaces can cut down on the number of cars on the road, as well as boost their overall productivity and satisfaction with their employer.

Moving forward, as environmentalism becomes a more valued part of our day-to-day world, flexible workspaces are offering new ways for companies to promote sustainability.

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Aayat Ali

Aayat is an editor for the Daily Digest based out of Kentucky. She has worked with local coworking spaces since August of 2017 and enjoys taking her firsthand knowledge to write about the fascinating, constantly evolving world of flexible workspaces. Feel free to reach out to her at [email protected] View all posts by Aayat Ali

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