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Maintaining Workplace Wellbeing While Working From Home

Ensuring that a work environment is healthy, engaged and productive can be difficult if the needs of workers are not understood. This rings particularly true under the new circumstances workers have found themselves in due to the coronavirus. Now, workers have been forced to work from home, while juggling family responsibilities and keeping their mental health afloat.

Regardless if you are a veteran of managing a remote team or not, this unprecedented time is impacting everyone, from those who are working from home for the first time to the seasoned remote workers who are also anxious about the health of their loved ones.

According to Steelcase WorkSpace Futures researchers, one adjustment workers can make in this transition is creating a routine that can help maintain both their physical and mental health. This can include taking a walk during calls, stepping outside for fresh air or setting time boundaries so you are not on the clock 24/7.

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Practicing mindfulness is another way to ease anxieties and keep workers focused on the task at hand. Being present in the moment and listening to your mind and body’s needs can help boost your mood and immune system.

Coworkers having a sudden glimpse into your home life can feel vulnerable. Recognizing how your work schedule has changed and how it can be adjusted to fit your current reality is essential to staying on task and not burning out. Sharing the uncertainties of working from home with your colleagues can also build a better connection between your team.

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