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AR And VR Are The Future Of Work According To Facebook

Facebook has been developing several new technologies that aim to change the way users interact, communicate and work together.

The company’s vision for the future of work focuses on the use of virtual and augmented reality that allows professionals to connect, while eliminating the need to commute to and from the office.

“We envision a dynamic virtual work environment anchored by genuine social presence. Next-generation devices would give people infinite workspaces with configurable virtual screens, whiteboards, and other visionary tools,” the company said. “You could work alone or collaborate in a persistent meeting room with remote coworkers like you were all sharing the same physical space, and with all of the nuance of in-person conversation.”

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    AR and VR would provide workers the ability to manipulate objects, real and virtual, using their hands. The company also plans to utilize Avatars that make the experience more human-like.

    Some of the resources built at Facebook include Workplace, Portal and Oculus for Business that all support a distributed workforce. It also recently launched the Quest system experience which allows multitasking capabilities.

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