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Is Your Workplace Truly Safe?

Discussions about transforming workplace design have all focused on one thing: how to keep occupants safe and reduce the risk of exposure.

While some businesses remain closed, others have started opening back up. With that comes the responsibility of evolving regular operations to meet the needs of workers. So how can business leaders ensure the safety and health of workers? 

First, review air flow and other engineering components. Fresh air volume, fan capacity and installing filtration devices are quick ways to ensure that buildings promote better ventilation and air quality, which means healthier occupants.

Sensors can also provide insight into how the air quality is in a building. Measuring particle counts, carbon dioxide concentration and volatile organic compounds can help make sure that the system performance is as efficient as possible.

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Organizations should be more particular about who is entering their buildings moving forward. Using temperature reads or even actual COVID-19 tests before someone comes into the building can help protect workers from those that may have the virus.

Companies should also make the effort to gather input from their employees. Sending out surveys to learn exactly what workers want and need from their employer is essential to keeping them happy, productive and healthy. 

Lastly, employers need to track whether their new changes are actually working on all levels. Collecting data allows companies to measure productivity changes and the overall health of the workplace environment.

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