What’s On Our Remote Working Reading List?

This collection of books and podcasts offer useful tips and guidance for remote work as we move toward our ‘new normal’.
  • As we come to terms with the ‘new normal’, there is a huge collective shift in business thinking.
  • Now’s the time to read up and reflect on how to work more effectively in remote teams.
  • This collection of books and podcasts offer useful tips and guidance for remote work, moving forward.

According to experts, one of the long term things to come out of the coronavirus pandemic will be a collective shift in business’ attitude towards remote working. Flexible practices will no longer be the reserve of agile tech startups and forward-thinking companies, with many of us expecting to see widespread adoption across the board.

So now that we’ve had a little time to grow accustomed to “the new normal”, it’s time to read up and reflect on how we can work effectively in distributed teams moving forward.

Get the strategic juices flowing with the following books and podcasts…

Recommended Books on Remote Working

1. Remotely Exceptional: A Playbook for Companies and their Remote Workers

by Kelsey Yurek

Advice on how to combine remote and non-remote work.

In this guide, employees pitch remote working to their employers who respond in an attempt to create harmony in the workplace. The book includes advice on how to combine remote and non-remote work as well as information on telecommuting fundamentals. 


2. The Art of Working Remotely: How to Thrive in a Distributed Workplace by Scott Dawson

For anyone who works from home, a cafe or a coworking space.


According to the blurb, “If you work from home, a coworking space, or coffee shop, this book is for you.” It contains pearls of anecdotal wisdom gleaned from the author’s 21-year remote work journey. Find out how to set up a remote-friendly workplace and gain insight into the behaviours and routines that will help you succeed as a telecommuter. 

3. The HR Nomad: A Remote Working Guidebook for HR Professionals by Frederik Haentjens 

A diverse perspective on digital nomadism.


Full of academic and personal narratives, this book offers a diverse perspective on digital nomadism, focusing on how technology can alleviate the restrictions the conventional office environment often imposes on individuals. Great for anyone looking for a balanced view on the remote working lifestyle. 

4. Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams by

Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon & Mike Webber

Tips for collaborating effectively in a distributed team.


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Among other things, this book contains tips for keeping loneliness at bay and how to collaborate effectively in a distributed team. 

One reviewer says: “In contrast to most books on remote work which have been written with managers, business owners or freelancers in mind, Secrets of the Remote Workforce speaks directly to employees, guiding them through their day to day.”

5. Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely—Successfully—for Individuals, Teams, and Managers by Lisette Sutherland and Kirsten Janene-Nelson

Practical, actionable advice on how to optimise remote teams.


Geared towards anyone involved in or affected by remote working, this handbook contains practical, actionable advice on how to optimise success in remote teams. Expect to find information on how to establish a remote-ready office, crafting team agreements and running effective online meetings. 

Recommended Podcasts on Remote Working

1. The Conversation Factory with Daniel Stillman

It’s not a podcast specifically about remote work, but a useful one for developing effective communication in distributed teams. 

Daniel Stillman works with companies like Google, Nike and Visa to help them facilitate innovation through effective communication. In each episode, he and a guest explore the art of conversation in a business context, covering everything from gender equality to interviewing techniques. Oh, and he’s also got a book coming out soon. 


2. WFH Daily by Lower Street

If you’re a fan of bitesize, timely and genuinely interesting content, give WFH Daily a listen. Recent episode titles include “How I Took My Brick-and-Mortar Shop Online During a Pandemic”, “Staying Healthy, Keeping Rested, and Avoiding Comparisons” and “Working from Home with the Kids? Give Yourself A Break.”


3. Future of Work by Allwork.Space 

Okay, we’re biased, but we think our own podcast is a worthy addition if you’re into remote working (and anything else relating to the future of work for that matter).

In a recent episode, Steve Nson from AnySizeDeals Week explores how commercial real estate will change because of the pandemic and touches upon how companies are reevaluating their working from home policies. 


4. The New Corner Office by Laura Vanderkam

New in every sense of the word, writer/ author/ speaker Laura Vanderkam released the first episode of her podcast on May 26 2020 and is sharing a new one every weekday morning. “The goal is to help listeners succeed in the modern workplace, where ideas matter more than ever, but shoes might be optional.”


5. The Remote Work Life by Alex Wilson-Campbell 

This podcast by digital marketer and self-proclaimed family man Alex Wilson-Campbell is designed to help remote workers thrive and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to work trends. Guests include SaaS, product and service CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Do you have a recommended resource for remote working? Tell us on Twitter at @allwork_space.

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