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Solidifying A Rejuvenated Remote Workforce

Remote working was initially readily embraced by employees thanks to the lack of commute and being able to do work from the comfort of their own home. In fact, a survey of over 500 founders revealed that 76% of companies had no or a positive impact on employee productivity.

As this trend has started to become part of our new reality, employees are actually finding it easier to collaborate and is boosting efficiency.

Now, teams that had little to no interactions this time last year are now finding themselves collaborating, while all-hands meetings have given employees easier access to their CEOs. 

So how can all companies ensure that their employees remain engaged and thrive throughout these unprecedented times?

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First, leaders need to provide their staff with clear goals that create the opportunity to attain long-term goals. This will take executive teams identifying what methods are working to keep productivity levels high, while offering an empathetic ear.

Additionally, it is important to keep employees across all teams on the same page. Using digital tools can open up new opportunities for creativity and collaboration with one another and help a company meet its objectives and key results (OKRs).

Although the amount of hours an employee has worked has long been used as a measurement of success, managers need to focus more on an employees’ output instead. Pivoting away from such micromanaging strategies and focusing on results will help boost morale and motivation among workers.

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