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Wellness In The Workplace Is Vital

Office design is the foundation of creating a welcoming, healthy workplace environment that values humanization. The health and wellness of employees has increasingly become an essential part of a company’s success, and now more than ever it is vital to ensure that workers are supported during these unprecedented times.

Investing into proper technology and ensuring workers know how to use it is vital for today’s workforce and can help employees limit office exposure to viruses. Designating a conference space or room integrated with the latest technology to conduct virtual meetings can also help the work day run smoothly.

Biophilic design has been proven to carry numerous benefits. Incorporating touches of green throughout the workspace not only creates a tranquil atmosphere, but it also has been found to reduce stress, improve productivity and boost the overall mental health of workers.

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Natural lighting also plays a big role in how well workers are performing. A Cornell study found that exposure to natural light revealed an 84% drop in headaches, eye strain and blurred vision. Additionally, natural lighting can help workers get better sleep, leading to more efficient work during the day.

Adding standing desks is another easy way to encourage workers that are normally stationary to squeeze in some movement throughout the work day. Sitting all day can have a negative impact on the health of employees, and standing desks can help them boost their energy, lower blood sugar, reduce back pain and more.

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